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Service Staff [0/6 Hired]

Post by Cami » Mon Jun 25, 2018 1:10 pm

All of the services on BENCHED are processed through the forum. Because of this, we need staff members to help speed up this process (instead of Cami doing it all by herself).

LEVELS (0/2)
  • Check logs to make sure that the member has enough cards to level up (not necessary after tier 1). Only check them to make sure they gained enough cards since their previous level-up redemption.
  • Post rewards to their level-up thread.
  • Drop off processed form in the appropriate staff thread (invisible to non-staff).
  • Check card logs & archives to make sure that the player has all the cards needed to master the deck(s) that they want rewards for.
  • Post the rewards in their mastery thread if/when all checks out. If the logs don't check out, let them know in case there was some sort of mishap.
  • Drop off the list of processed masteries for that member in the appropriate staff thread.
  • If necessary, drop off the custom badge image in its own staff thread.
  • Check logs to make sure their count of traded cards is correct.
  • Post their rewards.
  • Make sure that the player has enough currency to make their purchase(s).
  • Post their merchandise and/or card purchases.

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