Deck Makers [0/6 Hired]

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Deck Makers [0/6 Hired]

Post by Cami » Mon Jun 25, 2018 12:51 pm

Yes, I know 6 is a lot but not all of them will be full-time deck makers. Deck makers, on BENCHED, will be divided into full-time and seasonal deck makers. Both of which are described below.

FULL-TIME (0/4 Hired)
  • Must make a minimum of 5 decks per month. At least 2 of these must have been donated by other members (if possible - not necessary during prejoin, of course).
  • Be willing to make decks for series that they may not be familiar with.
  • Need to let me know in advance that they're taking a break (because of this, they should have Discord).
SEASONAL (0/2 Hired)
  • No monthly minimum deck requirement.
  • Work when you want to - or just when we have large backlogs.
  • Feel free to just make your own donations.
Now...due to the leniency of the "seasonal" position, they get no weekly staff pay unless they also have other staff positions. In regards to the numbers in brackets next to the description headers, those are the number of people (TOTAL) that I am looking for to fill each position.

How do you apply?
  1. Download the character deck, master badge, and filler template from here.
  2. Create two character decks. Make sure that the master badges are named filename_master. If hired, these decks will immediately be added to the upcoming list.
  3. Compress these decks into a zip/rar archive for me to download - along with the PSDs for the deck & master badge.
  4. Fill out the form provided.

Code: Select all

[b]Full-Time or Seasonal?:[/b]
[b]Discord?:[/b] (full-time only)
[b]Deck Samples:[/b] [url=link]filename1[/url], [url=link]filename2[/url]

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