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What are score boards?

You can probably tell by the URL, but score boards are how BENCHED members keep track of how many cards they have traded - or given away, in some cases. Normally, I'd just use trade cards...but then I'd have to allow donations for them since I know that not everyone will want to use whatever trade cards already exist.

Instead, I'm using an idea that I borrowed from Sakura - with permission. Instead of going into any graphic-editing program everytime you want to update your trade cards to reflect your most recent trades, all you have to do is update a number in eTCG (or whatever script that you use). Before I go into the tutorial, though, this is what scoreboards look like.

Blank Score Board Partially-Filled Score Board Complete Score Board

How to Manually Update Score Boards

Updating your score board is as simple as editing a small bit of code. If you don't have a lot of experience with coding, or you don't have eTCG, then all you need to do is follow the instructions below and it'll turn out to be pretty easy. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  1. Download this zip file and extract the folder (containing a blank score board, score boards for every card traded up to 25, and a completed score board) inside to your hard drive. After it is extracted, upload the entire folder to your trade post - preferably into the same directory where you keep your other images for Benched.
  2. Assuming you didn't rename the folder, you will now have a folder called "scoreboards" which can be accessed by adding /scoreboards to the end of your trade post URL. For example, my own URL would be as I separate my images into categories so my Benched images are in a folder called "tcg" within my main images directory. If you did change the name, replace "scoreboards" with the name that you changed it to.
  3. Click on the link for the file named scoreboard00.png (ex. my own link can be found by clicking here) so that you can copy and paste it into the code below where it says DIRECT LINK HERE.

    If you were to use my own link, the code above would look a little more like this instead:
  4. Copy the code above and paste it into your Benched trade post so that you can see the blank score board like I have here.
  5. For every trade that you complete, update the code to reflect the number of cards that you traded away. In order to do that, find the part of the code that says scoreboard00.png and replace 00 with the number of cards that you've traded away so far.

    For example, if my score board was blank and I had traded away 5 cards + my personal player card to a fellow players, then I would change 00 to 06 like in the code below.
    If I were to trade another 3 cards, though, I would change 06 to 09 as I would just be adding 3 more cards to the 6 cards that I previously traded away.
This process would be repeated for every completed trade until an entire score board has been filled. If you ever make a trade that brings the total amount of cards traded to an amount over 25, then those would just be carried over to the next score board.

If you're the type of player that doesn't submit trades after every single score board is completed, then it is recommended that you keep track of how many completed Score Boards you haven't turned in before you start on another one. Feel free to also make cut-off notes in your logs so that we can see which trades were used for which score boards.

To save space, the eTCG tutorial - which has an even easier editing method - has been posted on the forums and can be found here.