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Yes, I know that there's a bunch of gibberish here. Why? This is a placeholder, of course! Anyway, I divided what actually makes sense - and what won't because I'm too lazy to delete this post in favor of a new one that only has legible English written on it. If you haven't noticed, the forums are broken.

Yeah, um...I messed up while moving from my old server. I was able to transfer Spotlight with no issues whatsoever - but this one? Apparently not so easy...although it could be related to me using the "Compress" function in the file manager instead of JetBackup like I did for Spotlight - but there were less files to deal with. (It could easily just be me forgetting to change the MySQL host, though)

EDIT - 07/24/2018: I am an idiot. I just checked the config file while I was waiting for some script files to re-upload...and noticed that I did, in fact, forget to update the SQL host while I was changing the other MySQL details. Everything should be working smoothly now, though.


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